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Sarah Crossman at Life Reflexology is very excited to introduce Baby ReflexTM to parents and grandparents in Bruton and the surrounding area. This new concept of reflexology has been developed after 15 years’ extensive research and has quickly gained popularity amongst the parenting community.

It’s an amazing opportunity for parents to learn techniques which have many potential benefits such as: –

  • promoting relaxation,
  • improving sleep patterns,
  • inducing calmer behaviour and
  • enhancing the natural bond between parent and child.

It’s a great way of empowering parents to help their baby’s overall wellbeing and these soothing techniques are so versatile. They can be applied any time, any place, anywhere, with no need for undressing, messy creams or oils. Baby Reflex is also quick to do. The techniques can be done in 5 minutes and used whenever they fit best into your baby or toddler’s routine.

The courses are fun and interactive and a great way for parents to learn first-hand how to apply techniques to their babies and toddlers with stories and nursery rhymes. Courses available:

  • Babies (4 weeks to 10 months) – is taught using demonstration feet which you will use for most of the session and then practice on your own baby for the last 5 minutes of the class.
  • Toddlers (10 months plus) – is taught on your hands for most of the session, you will then practice on your child’s hands for the last 5 minutes of the class.

Each course is taught over 3 one-hour sessions and concentrates on different topics each week such as feeding/ digestion, sleeping/comforting and general wellbeing.

For more information about courses, dates and prices then please contact us on: Tel: 07531 831 553 or Email: